500 social housings construction project

The project for the construction of 500 social housing units consists of building a total of 500 housing units (F3 and F4), including 200 in Ouidah, 200 in Allada and 100 in Parakou, which will be rented primarily to defense and security forces personnel prior to the dismantling of the military camp “Camp Guézo” in Cotonou in the next few months. The project has two main components: (i) architectural and design studies, as well as control and supervision ; (ii) partial site rehabilitation and construction of 500 housing units.

  • Eurobond issuances

    July 2021

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    Decent housing for the poor

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Impacts and results

Providing decent rental housing

Facilitating access to adequate housing for middle-income families (primarily public administration workforce)

Creating about 5000 jobs in the framework of the execution of the project

Achieving the development and construction of the units:
200 housing units expected on the Allada site in September 2022;
200 housing units expected on the Ouidah site in November 2022;
100 housing units expected in 2023 also on the Parakou site.

Approximately 2,000 people will have access to decent housing and adequate urban services by the beginning of 2023