National Integrated School Lunch Program (School Canteen Component)

Facilitate children’s access to, and retention in school through: (i) the supply and operation of canteens; (ii) the implementation of multi-sectoral activities at the school level (health, hygiene, agriculture) and support to producer groups for local supply of canteens; (iii) the establishment of PNASI steering mechanism and institutional and community actorscapacity building.

  • Eurobond issuances

    July 2021

  • Pillar


  • Expenditure category

    Expanding education services and improving the capacity to take on students

Impacts and results

5,653 schools covered in 2022 by the school canteens program for a total of approximately 969,794 beneficiaries

3,851 schools already covered in 2021 with 660,654 beneficiaries including 317,114 girls

1,802 new schools to be covered in 2022 to bring the total number of beneficiaries to approximately 969,794 school children