Project to strengthen the clean water supply system in the Abomey-Calavi district and surroundings

Strengthen the clean water supply systems of the Abomey-Calavi district and surroundings

  • Eurobond issuances

    July 2021

  • Pillar


  • Expenditure category

    Access to drinking water and wastewater processing

Impacts and results

Extension and densification of the network from 359 km in 2018 to 489 km in 2020 in the Abomey-Calavi district

Production capacity from 617 m3/h in 2018 to 2100 m3/h in 2020 for the Abomey-Calavi system and from 1450 m3/h in October 2021 to 1850 m3/h in March 2022 for the Godomey plant

Number of active subscribers increased from 21,350 in 2018 to 25,854 in 2021 for the city of Abomey-Calavi