Special Employment Inclusion Program

The overall objective of the Special Employment Inclusion Program (PSIE) is to facilitate the professional integration of two thousand (2000) young graduates in companies every year, and whose wages are financed by the Government entirely during the first year, and partially during the second year, the balance being covered by the participating companies.

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    July 2021

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    Supporting employment and financial inclusion of the youth, women, and rural entrepreneurs

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Impacts and results

80% of the job seekers were hired by the companies after their first year of integration.

357 businesses benefited from the program in 2021

632 candidates recruited in the private sector in 2021 out of 1,861 job offers

In May 2022, the number of recipients has reached 928.

At the end of May 2022, 1,496 vacancies were advertised on the digital recruitment platform for 2,198 positions.

99,794 applications were submitted and 1,375 files were selected.

Satisfaction rate of job offers from companies: 62% in 2021