2023 Benin Sustainable Development Report

The Sustainable Development Report for Benin 2023 marks the second edition of the monitoring of the performance and trends of the SDGs in Benin, as well as the policies aimed at achieving them. Against a backdrop of multiple crises, including COVID-19, geopolitical instabilities and climate change, the world is facing difficulties in making progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Sachs et al., 2023). Despite these challenges, Benin is committed to pursuing its economic and social development, taking care to leave no one behind. This edition focuses on Transformation 1 (education, gender and inequalities) as well as Transformation 2 (health, well-being and demographics), of the “Six Transformations” framework (Sachs et al., 2019), which aim to improve human capital and reduce socio-economic and gender inequalities.

Benin_Sustainable Development Report 2023